Heaven Seeks is the first installment of the Offspring and Avatar series. I wrote this story with the intentions of creating a good old-fashioned "man versus evil" action, horror. The story architecture is a throwback to the Saturday nights I had spent watching "Creature Feature", and is a tribute to the simpler stories of good versus evil. I hope you enjoy it.

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A Marine seeks his destiny,
A mother seeks her son,
A tortured soul seeks vengeance,
Heaven seeks its scion.

For the past three millennia, each generation of mortals produced an Avatar and an Offspring to recruit followers for an endless war between the Heavenly and Hellish Divine.

Avatars wielded the lux, the benevolent power of light to help mortals live in harmony.

The Offspring dominated with the dark powers of the acerbus; enticing mortals through trickery and deceit.

 It is never known where they will manifest, but the Divine are ever vigilant, waiting for their progeny to once again walk the earth.

Novak is writing...
-Excerpt from Heaven Seeks

Meet Author R.L. Novak

 ~~Melo leaned down so that he was almost face to 

 face with Joe. He locked gazes with him 

 momentarily; and for the first time in Scott’s life he

 saw what appeared to be hesitation, even 

 trepidation, in Joe’s eyes. In a clear voice that no

 longer held a hint of an accent, Melo whispered.

 “We’re not here to steal a soul, Joe. We’re here to

 save one.”~~