Do you love writing? Do you love reading? Do you love filling a would-be author's inbox with nonsense?

Let me hear about it!


I'd love to hear from you! This book is, by no means, an attempt to gain vast amounts of wealth, glory or fame. Maybe a little glory, and a smidge of fame, but for the most part, it's a hobby and an adventure. If you have something to share about it--or anything else, for that matter--I want to hear it.  


Heaven Seeks is my debut novel. Though I have no previous published works in the urban fantasy genre, I have decades of experience from movies, books, an over-active imagination, and a whole lot of free time to let it run rampant.


As a knuckle dragging, whiskey drinking, hell-raising retired Marine, I'm genetically inclined to use the computer as a blunt instrument more-so than an outlet for my creativity. I am, however, active in several writing clubs, sites, and groups, and love sharing ideas and stories with other writers.

I'm married to a beautiful and very patient woman, and have three surprisingly well-adjusted children in a peaceful corner of Maryland. We chose this location to be free from big city traffic, convenient shopping, luxuries, necessities, paved roads, running water...

R.L. Novak

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